Welcome to Alona's Coral Garden Resort (Adult-Only)

Please note that this is an adult-only property!

Our luxurious Resort includes 4 Studio-Apartments, 3 Bungalow and 2 spacious Houses, each individually designed. We are close to the best areas near the Alona Beach.



The Resort is conviniently locacted only a short walk to the world famous Alona Beach. This ensures the ultimate mix for luxury and tranquility; with the beach life during the day or at night, surrounded by trendy bars and restaurants.


In the case of power loss, our 40Kw Diesel-Generator supplies the entire resort with electricity in case of a "Brown-out"; this includes your fridge, airconditioner, TV and much more (at certain times).


Office hours

are from 08:00 AM until 05:00 PM from Monday to Sunday.

Check-In 14:00-22:00 Check-Out 08:00-12:00